Election Administration

Approximately 40 members of the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) serve as their state's designated chief election official, overseeing the conduct of elections according to law. Administering elections, a state and local responsibility, is a multi-faceted job requiring effective communication, coordination and organization.

Secretaries of State actively promote resources available to assist voters, including but not limited to: voter registration information, state voting procedures and requirements, state guidelines for reporting and responding to voting issues and irregularities, as well as sharing information on the reporting and certification of election results.

Visit canivote.org to find your election official and more information on voter registration.

NASS members with elections responsibilities are on the NASS Elections Committee, where they are able to discuss policies and practices related to election administration at both the state and federal level. This includes tracking relevant Congressional activity, federal legislation and election reform proposals. The Committee also provides a forum for members to discuss strategies for facilitating voter participation and share innovative practices on voter education and outreach. They meet in-person two times a year at NASS Conferences and have regular Committee calls.

Ensuring the integrity of the voting process is critical. This includes cybersecurity and contingency planning, as well as providing technical support for local election officials. You can find more information on these efforts on our Securing Elections webpage.