NASS Executive Board

NASS Executive Board
Photo: 2024-2025 NASS Executive Board. (L-R: Hon. Michael Watson, MS, Hon. Nancy Landry, LA, Hon. Sarah Copeland Hanzas, VT, Hon. Steve Hobbs, WA, Hon. Scott Schwab, KS, Hon. Shenna Bellows, ME, Hon. Steve Simon, MN, Hon. Stephanie Thomas, CT, Hon. Robert Evnen, NE, Hon. Maggie Toulouse Oliver, NM, and Hon. Michael Howe, ND.  Photo credit: Philip Smith, 1L Photo

Appointed annually by the NASS President and approved by member vote, the NASS Executive Board is the chief governing body of NASS. The President and President-elect are of opposite political parties and rotate on an annual basis. The board meets at least twice a year.

Committee Members

NASS President - Hon. Steve Simon, Minnesota
President Elect - Hon. Michael Watson, Mississippi
Treasurer - Hon. Steve Hobbs, Washington
Secretary - Hon. Stephanie Thomas, Connecticut
Past President - Hon. Scott Schwab, Kansas
Eastern Region Vice President - Hon. Shenna Bellows, Maine
Southern Region Vice President - Hon. Nancy Landry, Louisiana
Midwestern Region Vice President - Hon. Michael Howe, North Dakota
Western Region Vice President - Hon. Maggie Toulouse Oliver, New Mexico
Member at Large (ACR Liaison) - Hon. Robert Evnen, Nebraska
Member at Large (NPA Liaison) - Hon. Sarah Copeland Hanzas, Vermont

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