NASS Executive Board

L-R: Hon. Maggie Toulouse Oliver, NM, Hon. Alex Padilla, CA, Hon. Connie Lawson, IN, Hon. Denise Merrill, CT, Hon. Jim Condos, VT, Hon. Paul Pate, IA, Hon. Wayne Williams, CO, Hon. Matt Dunlap, ME and Hon. Jay Ashcroft, MO. Not Shown: Hon. Steve Simon, MN, and Hon. Tre Hargett, TN.

Appointed annually by the NASS President and approved by member vote, the NASS Executive Board is the chief governing body of NASS. The President and President-elect are of opposite political parties and rotate on an annual basis. The board meets at least twice a year.

Committee Members

NASS President - Hon. Jim Condos, VT
President Elect - Hon. Paul Pate, IA
Treasurer - Hon. Maggie Toulouse Oliver, NM
Secretary - Hon. Steve Simon, MN
Past President - Hon. Connie Lawson, IN
Eastern Region Vice President - Hon. Denise Merrill, CT
Southern Region Vice President - Hon. Tre Hargett, TN
Midwestern Region Vice President - Hon. Jay Ashcroft, MO
Western Region Vice President - Hon. Alex Padilla, CA
Member at Large (ACR Liaison) - Hon. Matt Dunlap, ME
Member at Large (NPA Liaison)- Hon. Wayne Williams, CO

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