NASS Reinvigorates #TrustedInfo Initiative for 2024 Elections

For Immediate Release
Nov. 28, 2023

Washington, D.C. – The National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS), and its nearly 40 Chief Election Official Members, come together ahead of the 2024 elections to relaunch the asso­ciation’s initiative as #TrustedInfo2024. This effort continues to highlight election officials as the trusted sources for election information, which is critical in the age of mis-, dis-, and mal-information campaigns.

“When voters need accurate election information, my answer is always clear: turn to Chief Election Officials. #TrustedInfo2024 is an excellent tool in democracy’s toolbox, and I would like to praise NASS for continuing this important initiative,” said Scott Schwab, NASS President and Kansas Secretary of State.

NASS’s nonpartisan #TrustedInfo2024 effort directs voters to election officials’ websites, social media pages, and other public facing materials for information on each step of the election process—from registration, voting, to post-election procedures.

“The mission of #TrustedInfo2024 is to communicate to the American people that they should always turn to state and local election officials for reliable, timely information,” said Steve Simon, NASS President-Elect and Minnesota Secretary of State. “Rapidly advancing technology using ar­tificial intelligence will likely allow for more convincing false information and increase how fast in­correct information spreads. I encourage voters to do their part by only sharing credible information from our offices with their communities. And when in doubt, contact us or your local elec­tion administrator.”

Since its initial introduction in November 2019 as #TrustedInfo2020, the #TrustedInfo initiative has received acclaim from numerous non-profit, private sector and government organizations.

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