NASS Resolution Supporting National Voter Registration Day

Approved July 2014; Reauthorized July 2019; Revised and Reauthorized March 2, 2022

WHEREAS, the nation’s Secretaries of State who serve as chief state elections officials are committed to encouraging voter registration and increasing access to elections; and

WHEREAS, the NASS Elections Committee highlights new and innovative methods of registration, as well as continuing efforts by state and local election officials to play an active role in registering qualified citizens; and

WHEREAS, the need for public information and education on voter registration is extremely critical as Americans prepare to take part in the November elections;

THEREFORE, NOW BE IT RESOLVED THAT the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) shall declare, in accordance with our observation of September as National Voter Registration Month, that a Tuesday in September be designated as National Voter Registration Day.


EXPIRES: Winter 2027