NASS Executive Board

Photo: 2021-2022 NASS Executive Board. (L-R: Hon. Tahesha Way, Hon. Scott Schwab, Hon. Jeffrey Bullock, Hon. Laurel Lee, Hon. Mac Warner, Hon. Lawerence Denney, Hon. Steve Simon, Hon. Maggie Toulouse Oliver and Hon. Kyle Ardoin. Not pictured: Hon. Michael Watson and Hon. Kimberly Bassett) Photo credit: Philip Smith, 1L Photo

Appointed annually by the NASS President and approved by member vote, the NASS Executive Board is the chief governing body of NASS. The President and President-elect are of opposite political parties and rotate on an annual basis. The board meets at least twice a year.

Committee Members

NASS President - Hon. Kyle Ardoin, Louisiana
President Elect - Hon. Tahesha Way, New Jersey
Treasurer - Hon. Scott Schwab, Kansas
Secretary - Hon. Laurel Lee, Florida
Past President - Hon. Maggie Toulouse Oliver, New Mexico
Eastern Region Vice President - Hon. Jeffrey Bullock, Delaware
Southern Region Vice President - Hon. Michael Watson, Mississippi
Midwestern Region Vice President - Hon. Steve Simon, Minnesota  
Western Region Vice President - Hon. Lawerence Denney, Idaho
Member at Large (ACR Liaison) - Hon. Mac Warner, West Virginia
Member at Large (NPA Liaison) - Hon. Kimberly Bassett, District of Columbia

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