NASS Resolution Reaffirming Commitment to Strengthening Elections

WHEREAS, chief election officials received a request for input and publicly available voter roll data from the 2017 Presidential Commission on Election Integrity; and 

WHEREAS, the United States Constitution recognizes the authority and autonomy of the states to regulate the manner of administration of federal, state, and local elections; and 

WHEREAS, the election infrastructure in the U.S. is highly decentralized and constitutionally under the purview and control of the states and their local jurisdictions, including the maintenance of voter rolls; and 

WHEREAS, states are responsible for preventing and detecting voter fraud and voter suppression, as well as increasing voter participation; and 

WHEREAS, states are responsible for protecting the integrity of their elections including the secrecy of the ballot, security of their election infrastructures, and sensitive personal information included in the states’ voter rolls; 

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Secretaries of State do hereby reaffirm their commitment to strengthening election cybersecurity and processes, and increasing voter participation. 

Adopted the 10th day of July 2017 

in Indianapolis, Indiana 

EXPIRES: Summer 2022