NASS Resolution on Full Funding of the Help America Vote Act of 2002

Originally adopted in 2003 / Reaffirmed 2008, 2013 

The “Help America Vote Act of 2002” (HAVA) authorizes $3.9 billion over three years to help states implement the mandated changes in the conduct of federal elections to ensure greater access to the polls by individuals with disabilities, to provide more information for individuals who wish to vote, better training of poll workers, and to reduce the possibility of fraud. 

Given the extreme financial difficulties of most states and the fact that many of the provisions of HAVA are federal mandates with which the states must comply whether or not federal money is provided, the underfunding of HAVA represents the imposition of expensive requirements on many states at the time when they are least able to afford such requirements. 

Nothing is more fundamental to America’s democracy than the right to vote. As our nation spends billions of dollars helping to promote democracies abroad, Congress must also meet the challenge of bolstering our own democracy by appropriating the funds that are essential to allow states to transform their voting systems. 

The members of the National Association of Secretaries of State recognize both the pressing need for election reform and the great difficulty of effectuating such reforms without the funds promised by the federal government. 

Therefore, the members of the National Association of Secretaries of State urge the President of the United States and the Congress of the United States to fully fund the “Help America Vote Act of 2002”. 

Adopted the 21st day of July, 2013 

in Anchorage, AK 

EXPIRES: Summer 2018