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Election Ready Resources

Election Day is Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

Learn more about voting and elections where you live. Select your state or territory from the drop-down menu and click go.

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NASS Resources for November 2016

State Laws on Presidential Electors

A state-by-state list of laws concerning the designation and meeting of presidential electors.

Voter Registration Deadlines & Polling Place Hours for November 2016

To learn more about your local polling place location and the specifics of voter registration where you live, please use www.CanIVote.org to contact your local election office.

Early Voting Dates & Absentee Ballot Deadlines for November 2016

Learn more about early voting in the states, along with a listing of deadlines for absentee voting requests.

State Laws on Authorized Poll Watchers & Voter Challenges

A state-by-state list of laws about poll watchers and voter challenges for Election Day.

State Laws on Electioneering Boundaries

A state-by-state list of laws that guide the activities of those who are actively campaigning near the polls.

Absentee Ballot Counting Begin Dates and Canvassing Deadlines for November 2016

State dates for when absentee ballots can be counted and canvassing deadlines for certifying election results.

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