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Election Ready Resources for the 2012 Presidential Election


Be ready for the general election on Tuesday, November 6, 2012!  Along with a non-partisan voter information website, www.CanIVote.org, NASS offers the following state elections & voting resources:

Voter Registration Deadlines & Polling Place Hours for the 2012 Election

To learn more about your local polling place location and the specifics of voter registration where you live, please use www.CanIVote.org to contact your local election office.

Early Voting Timesframes & Absentee Voting Request Deadlines

Contact your state or local election office for specific early and absentee voting instructions and deadlines. No state releases absentee voting results until after the polls close on Election Day, November 6th, regardless of when counting begins.  Click here for more on state processes for counting absentee ballots (PDF file).

Online Resources for Voters

Find out more about the online resources that are available in each state or U.S. territory this election cycle.  Learn whether you can register online, track your ballot online, find sample ballots online, and more.

State Voting Scam/Rumor Control Alerts for November 2012

This state news alerts and voter hotlines page is designed to serve as a daily clearinghouse for official state election office notices on voting-related scams and potentially confusing or misleading rumors/information in the run-up to Election Day.  Get the facts, and find out how you can contact state election officials via voter hotlines for the 2012 general election! 

Poll Watcher & Voter Challenge Laws, Electioneering Laws & State Polling Place Features

Check out our state-by-state list of polling place features, along with these other resources:  state poll watcher and voter challenge laws and state electioneering boundaries/laws.

Election Results & State Canvassing Dates/Deadlines

Get unofficial state election results for the November 6 general election here.  State canvassing dates/deadlines are also provided.  

Need more information about voting? Select your state from the drop-down menu and click go.

State Election Office Links

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