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Corporate Affiliates

NOTE: NASS does not endorse, authorize or approve products or services offered by corporate affiliates.

Dun & Bradstreet Cyndi Festa, Leader of Operations Dublin D&B 610-882-7817 PLATINUM LVL
NIC Ron Thornburgh, Senior Vice President 877-234-3468 PLATINUM LVL
American Express Joseph Helmy, Mgr., Ed. & Govt. Industry Devt. 212-640-0128 GOLD LEVEL
CT Corporation Charlene Dawkins, Govt. Relations Manager 919-270-6968 GOLD LEVEL
Election Systems & Software Kathy Rogers, Sr. Vice Pres. of Govt. Relations 402-938-1387 GOLD LEVEL
Bell and Howell, LLC Marjorie McDermott, Natl. Executive Director 801-930-5402 SILVER LEVEL
Bloomberg BNA Karen Schneider, Managing Editor 703-341-3746 SILVER LEVEL
Clear Ballot Jordan Esten, Director of Business Development 920-915-0602 SILVER LEVEL
Comcast Lyndsay O'Herrick, Government Affairs 202-379-7100 SILVER LEVEL
Corporation Service Company Paul Hodnefield, Associate General Counsel 800-927-9800 SILVER LEVEL
Democracy Live Bryan Finney, President 206-812-2244 SILVER LEVEL
Dominion Voting Systems Howard Cramer, Exec. Vice Pres. Govt. Relations 303-990-1836 SILVER LEVEL
DOT Registry, LLC Tess Pattison-Wade, Executive Director 816-200-7080 SILVER LEVEL
Everyone Counts, Inc. Shelley Furse, Regional Sales Director 858-761-3900 SILVER LEVEL
Foster Moore Bill Clarke, VP of Business Development & Sales 877-914-0070 SILVER LEVEL
GCR, Inc. Todd Bouillion, Vice President 504-304-2500 SILVER LEVEL
Hart InterCivic Diana Arney, Director of Marketing 512-252-6400 SILVER LEVEL
InCorp Services, Inc. Karla Vazquez, Dir. of Compliance Division 800-246-2677 SILVER LEVEL
Kansas.gov Shane Myers, General Manager 800-452-6727 SILVER LEVEL
Konnech Inc. Eugene Yu, President 517-381-1830 SILVER LEVEL
LegalZoom.com, Inc. Ken Friedman, Vice Pres. of Legal & Govt. Affairs 323-337-0183 SILVER LEVEL
ManTech International Corp. Bob Knight, Vice President 703-218-8275 SILVER LEVEL
Microsoft Corporation Andy Pitman, Government Solutions 678-629-5871 SILVER LEVEL
National Corporate Research John Morrissey, Senior Vice President 212-947-7200 SILVER LEVEL
National Technical Systems Michael Walker, Senior Project Engineer 256-716-4287 SILVER LEVEL
Northwest Registered Agent, LLC Drake Forester, Chief Legal Strategy Officer 509-768-2249 SILVER LEVEL
PCC Technology Group Jerry Long, CEO & Founder 860-242-3299 SILVER LEVEL
ReadyVote, Inc. Joe Wilson, Vice President of Sales 304-927-2222 SILVER LEVEL
Runbeck Election Services, Inc. Kevin Bannon, President 602-230-0510 SILVER LEVEL
SOE Software, a Scytl Company Maureen Szlemp, Marketing Manager 813-490-7150 SILVER LEVEL
Tecuity Inc. Jon Evans, President 801-542-1888 SILVER LEVEL
Unisyn Voting Solutions, Inc. Barry Herron, Director of Sales 760-734-3233 SILVER LEVEL
VOTEC John Medcalf, Chief Executive Officer 800-348-6832 SILVER LEVEL
WEST a Thomson Reuters Business Bob Smits, Manager 651-687-4546 SILVER LEVEL
Wolters Kluwer Law and Business Crystal Bryant, Content Management Supervisor 800-364-2512 x4150 SILVER LEVEL

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